KleosTv Motivation

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Season 1


Always remember to thank yourself, as Snoop Dogg did!


Stand up and fight for yourself, a daily attitude!


The only thing that matters is what you choose NOW!


You have to own your own happiness! Write your story!


You can always get what you want, just keep trying!


Women have the right to fulfill themselves, men have to support them!


Kind reminder: you can do anything, it's up to you!


Always remember to find your purpose and recognize your value!


Nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take the risk! Are you ready?


The hardest things to listen to always whispers, never shouts. So listen to you!


You can’t get advice on what you should do with your life! Ready to get your shot?

Respect Everyone

A touching movie about the importance of Sport and the value of Respect in our lives!


Sometimes you cannot share your goals with everybody. So Take care of your own dreams!


The work can be hard not for us but for our brain, but it always pays off!


It’s when you stop worrying that you will start DOING!


Our life is the result of our thoughts!


Gentlemen are everywhere... especially in sports! Enjoy life!


The best things happen unexpectedly!

Season 2


Everyday life can be struggling, but go ahead!


If you want to be successful in life you have to follow few precious rules.


Procrastination is just a habit, you can change it and keep going!


Don’t let failure stop you, hear that voice inside of you and… keep going!


Failure happens to everybody, but that’s the way you respond to it that define your success!


To unlock your brain and start with good habits, start from the inside!


Decide to have no other option but success, be your own mentor!


Ambition is a matter of just believing in yourself. Are you ready to prove it?


If you want to be successful don’t consider the comfort zone an option! Go further!


Ever thought that your mind has to be stronger than your feelings? Discover why!


Many times we think of obstacles as negative things, but you should not... and here that's why!


Results are not a matter of intensity but consistency! Discover why!


There’s nothing you can't do if you want to!


Beating your limits is the fuel to improve.


You are the person who have always been there for you!